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Sacul was founded in 1951 by a Mr Lucas, who was a former employee of Timpo. Lucas created the company name by simply reversing his own surname – these sorts of plays on surnames were reasonably common in the industry at the time, another example being Lledo, a diecast company started by Jack Odell.

Lucas is believed to be one of (if not the) first to come up with moving visors for his knight toys which were one of Sacul's strongest lines and tended to highlight Lucas' belief in the importance of vacuum coating metallic figures.

While the product quality was excellent Sacul was a short-lived company, going under in 1954.

At a later date Lucas began again under the name of Paramount, focusing largely on his previously successful knights. However, Paramount lasted even less time than Sacul as the public preferred the newer plastic figures that were now on the market to hollow-cast metal versions.


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