Andy Pandy, Teddy, and Looby Loo, lead figures (Sacul)

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Andy Pandy, Teddy, and Looby Loo, lead figures (Sacul)

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Arch Four , Area 36
Lead figures (display)

A very rare set of the characters from the popular 1950's BBC children's television puppet show, "Andy Pandy". The three characters are Andy Pandy, Teddy, and Looby Loo.

Andy Pandy was first seen on July 11 1950. He was a chubby faced toddler who lived in a picnic basket, firstly appearing solo and then was joined by his inseparable pal Teddy and later a rag doll called Looby Loo. Only 26 original episodes were made, and were shown over and over again. In 1970, 13 new episodes were made in colour.

The set was introduced by Sacul in 1951.

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