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The Model Engineer Exhibition

1935 introduction

To Our Visitors

This Exhibition is now in its seventeenth year; a tour of the Hall will show that model engineering is an ever-growing pursuit, both in the number and the varying interests of its many followers. The Exhibition is now well-established as the recognised rallying point for model engineers from all over the country to meet together, to display their work, and to examine and purchase the latest workshop equipment and materials for their use. Model engineering has many aspects of importance. The building of experimental and demonstration models is a very practical aid to industrial and scientific research, and the shipbuilding, transport, and aviation industries owe much of their development to the valuable information gained from experiments with models. In education, models are widely used for lecture and laboratory demonstrations, while as a hobby the building of models of all kinds gives healthful and interesting recreation to thousands. Every museum contains models which are of great value, not only from an educational standpoint, but as a permanent record of engineering or industrial achievement. In this exhibition examples of every kind of model engineering will be found.

One of the main objects of the Exhibition, and of the Journal which inspires it, THE MODEL ENGINEER, is the encouragement of good craftsmanship. Modern mass production methods in the factory are steadily displacing skilled handicraft; model engineering keeps it alive. The Competition Section of the Exhibition contains some remarkable examples of patient and skilful craftsmanship, many of these having been built with a very limited equipment of tools and materials. They represent handicraft and human ingenuity at its best; not only has skilled workmanship been embodied in the work on show, but, in the making many difficulties have been overcome by careful study and ingenious methods. The awards given by the organisers, and through the generosity of private donors of prizes, afford encouragement which undoubtedly leads to continued effort and continued improvement. The model engineers of the country, in fact, form a reserve of mechanical skill which has already proved of great value to the country in times of emergency, and will again be available if need arises.

An always welcome feature of the Exhibition are the exhibits made by the various clubs and societies whose members follow some form of model making as a hobby. There are over one hundred such clubs in existence in Great Britain and overseas, and the displays made by the clubs on this occasion are representative of the varied activities of this happy band of enthusiasts. Our visitors will receive a cordial welcome at any of the Club Stands, and enquiries relating to any branch of model making will be answered with pleasure by those in charge.

In the trade section, the various exhibiting forms show a complete range not only of tools and materials, but of finished models, and of parts and accessories for every kind of model making or light mechanical purpose. Here again enquiries from our visitors will receive every attention. The beginner as well as the most advanced worker will find his needs amply catered for, and advice as to suitable equipment freely given.

The loan exhibits form yet another section meriting a careful inspection. Each exhibit on view possesses some special point of historical or technical interest, and I would express my thanks to those who have placed their valued possessions at our disposal to interest our visitors.

In conclusion, may I express the hope that you will enjoy your visit to our exhibition? Such a splendid show is only made possible by the friendly co-operation of our many exhibitors, competitors, and others who help in some practical way to make the event a success. I am sure you will appreciate their efforts to interest you, and I hope you will carry away with you an impression that the brotherhood of model engineers is a live and welcome thing, that there is much to admire in both the beautiful examples of craftsmanship and the more modest but equally painstaking efforts on view, and that model engineering in all its aspects is something for you to applaud and uphold on every possible occasion. The exhibition may even inspire you to become a model engineer yourself, if you do not already belong to that happy fraternity. If it does I can assure you that you are setting out on a road which leads to perpetual interest and enjoyment.

Percival Marshall
Editor of The Model Engineer

— , Percival Marshall, , Model Engineer Exhibition catalogue, introduction, , 1935

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