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Tri-ang Minic Motorways roadway. Although road sections for slotcars are usually referred to as track (especially with racing sets where real-life racing circuits are often referred to as racetracks), naming gets a bit more difficult with the Minic Motorway system, as many of the layouts will be for urban roads, and because the system was specifically designed to allow roads and railways to mix and mingle, which means that we are often dealing with combinations of slotcar track and railway track.

For the purposes of these pages, we'll be referring to the Tri-ang roads more generically as "roadways".

1964 listing:

  • M.1601 – Straight, Standard
  • M.1602 – Half Straight
  • M.1603 – Straight, with Starting Grid
  • M.1604 – Straight, with power pickup
  • M.1605 – Zebra Crossing with Beacons (non-flashing), with two straight verges
  • M.1606 – Straight, Single Track
  • M.1607 – Straight, Single Track, with power pickup
  • M.1608 – Straight Hill Grip, Standard
  • M.1609 – Double Straight, Standard
  • M.1610 – Straight Chicane, Standard
  • M.1611 – Bend, Standard, 90-deg

  • M.1613 – Bend, Standard, 45-degree

  • M.1615 – Bend, Standard 30-degree
  • M.1616 – Bend, Outer, 45-degree
  • M.1617 – Bend, Single Track, 45-degree
  • M.1618 – Straight, one side isolating
  • M.1619 – Straight, one side actuating
  • M.1620 – Relay, with leads
  • M.1621 – Four-way Roundabout Junction

  • M.1623 – Crossroads Crossover Junction, 90-degree
  • M.1624 – Junction, Right, 90-degree

  • M.1626 – Junction, Left, 90-degree
  • M.1627 – Hump Back Bridge Summit
  • M.1628 – Gradient Base
  • M.1629 – Gradient Summit
  • M.1630 – Y-Junction, 30-degree
  • M.1631 – Straight, Change-Over Track
  • M.1632 – Junction, Right, Lay-By
  • M.1633 – Junction, Left, Lay-By
  • M.1635 – Straight, Single Track, with Starting Grid
  • M.1634 – Gradient Base, Single Track
  • M.1636 – Gradient Summit, Single Track
  • M.1637 – Half Straight, Single Track
  • M.1638 – Quarter Straight, Standard
  • M.1639 – Zebra Crossing with Beacons (flashing), with two straight verges

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