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As everyone else seemed to be making "fat" specialist multi-multi-lane tracks, to allow group racing (pretty much essential for club circuits and competition circuits), Minic Motorways decided to allow this option, too. Clubs and commercial race circuits were an important factor in encouraging visitors to choose which brand of slotcar system to buy for home.

As well as the implicit "endorsement" factor, if you wanted to race on the track you'd normally need to get your own car, and then you'd naturally want to also run it at home, for fun and to improve your skills before the next race.

Normal five-track racing layout, Minic Motorways

stop press

Great Racing News

Now Available . . The First 00 Motor Slot Racing Circuit in the World with FIVE LANES


Minic Motorways proudly present their brand new five lane fully interlocking circuit, made up of standard roadway sections. The circuit can be constructed first with two lanes and then a further single lane and finally an additional twin lane can be added. The natural flexibility of the track permits banking and gradients, but the unique Minic Motorway incline and decline track units can give greater variation if desired.

The greatest feature of all is that the whole of the larger layout shown overleaf can be, mounted on a table 6ft. 6in. x 3ft. 6in.

No other Motorway racing layout in the World will give such concentrated fun and amusement in such a small space.

Minimal five-track racing layout, Minic Motorways

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