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To fully exploit the possibilities of having a shared scale of ~1:76 for their Tri-ang Railways and Minic Motorways systems, Tri-ang produced a range of "combination" components that interfaced with the roadway and rail systems.

Catalogue codes

Where the Railway parts tended to have an R. prefix, and the Minic Motorway parts an M. prefix, the main components that fitted both systems were prefixed RM.

1964 catalogue listing:

  • RM.901 – Railway/Motorway Level Crossing, ungated
  • RM.903 – Set of two Gates and Pillars for Level Crossing RM.901
  • RM.904 – Set of two Lifting Booms and Pillars for Level Crossing RM.901
  • RM.910 – Road/Rail Track
  • RM.911 – Road/Rail Junction Type 'A'
  • RM.912 – Road/Rail Junction Type 'B'
  • RM.913 – Road/Rail Buffer Stop
  • RM.914 – Road/Rail Buffer Stop
  • RM.921 – Car Loading Ramp
  • RM.922 – Railway Car Transporter
  • M.1570 – Mechanical Horse
  • RM.924 – Railway Adaptor Bogie
  • RM.924 – British Railways Road/Rail Wagon
  • M.1808 – Railway Goods Shed

1964 catalogue images: