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Klipit Construction Outfits

1910s -     

Klipit was a wooden construction toy sold by Hobbies of Dereham in the second decade of the Twentieth Century.

Klipit outfits consisted of sets of small wooden pieces that could be clipped together with an accompanying set of steel clips to create structures.


The 1916 catalogue lists four different Klipit Outfits, No.2, No.3, and (following Meccano Ltd's lead) a couple of entry-level outfits, No.0 and No.00.

There were also sets of useful wheels, gears and axles, some of which could also be used with the Strip-Work system.

1916 promotional text(s):

Klipit Constructional Outfits for Boys of all Ages

KLIPIT is at once the most recent and simple of constructional outfits for boys. By its means any number of Models may be made up by joining strips of wood together with simple steel clips.

The Model-making possibilities of "Klipit" are never exhausted.

The idea of "Klipit" is to be able to construct models by employing strips of wood of varying lengths and sizes in conjunction with a series of simple steel clips of different patterns.

There is nothing to compare with "Klipit" for simplicity in method of construction, adaptability to all classes of model-making, and for the naturalness and appearance of the finished model in correctness of proportion and strength.

The outstanding advantages of "Klipit" are:–

  1. That the wood and clips may be used over and over again without damage.
  2. The ease and rapidity of building the Models.
  3. The naturalness of the finished model


— , Hobbies Ltd, , Hobbies Catalogue, , 1916

The New Klipit Outfits

This season Klipit Outfits have been greatly improved and a new Handbook has been compiled illustrating over a hundred models.

The new models are splendid and include Guns and Trench Mortars which actually fire, Ambulance Vans, Motor Transports, Architectural models and a host of others far too numerous to mention.

The great feature of Klipit is its wonderful adaptability to all classes of model making, for which it is possible to create realistic models of almost everything in the mechanical and architectural world.

— , Hobbies Ltd, , Hobbies Catalogue, , 1916

See also:

  • Strip-Workthe other contemporary construction system made by Hobbies

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