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The children's book publisher J.F. Schreiber was founded in Esslingen, Germany by Jakob Friedrich Ferdinand Schreiber (1809-1867). Schreiber was orphaned at an early age, and trained as a lithographer with publisher Georg Ebner from 1828 to 1831.

Schreiber arrived in Esslingen in 1831 with a set of lithographic plates, set up in business, and promptly married Maria Karoline König, who helped to fund the founding of a lithographic institution.

The new business experimented with landscape and religious prints before recognising that there was an untapped market for educational prints, which they started producing in 1833, with their first childrens books appearing in 1840.

Jacob's son Ferdinand Schreiber took over the business on Jacob's death in 1868, after which the children's books and specialist publications became more important, with the younger brother Max Schreiber joining in 1872.

One of the company's "coup's" was acquiring the output of the artist Lothar Meggendorfer, who produced the satirical magazine Meggendorfer Blätter ("The Meggendorfer Pages") for Schreiber, and also created a range of much-loved children's books.

Schreiber remained a family company producing children's books for four generations, and is currently operating as Esslinger Verlag JF Schreiber GmbH.

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