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Georg Heyde of Dresden

1872 -     

George Heyde's Dresden-based company produced cast lead soldiers and other figures from 1872, competing with Nurembug firms who produced much of the German lead soldier output.

As well as their main lead soldiers ranges, Heyde produced lead figures for other companies, and made the "celebrity" railway station passenger figures for Bassett-Lowke.

Georg Heyde's name is sometimes referenced in English-language sources in an anglicised form, as George Heyde.

The "Nodders"

One of their most distinctive ranges was the "Nic-Nac" / "Nippes" range of "nodders" – a set of novelty figures with a separately moulded head attacked by an embedded spring. The museum has a rare set of three novelty Heyde nodding "cats taking tea" on display on the dollhouse miniatures display (2016), and also a nodding crocodile and figure in storage.

Key dates:

  • Georg Karl Adolph Heyde (27 August 1848 - 19 May 1928) born in Leipzig, Germany.
  • 1872 – Company: Georg Heyde als Zinnspielwaarenfabrik, Metallwaren- und Nippesfabrik bzw
Address: Langestraße 35 pt. (Dresden-Wölfnitz).
  • 1883 – The company becomes Georg Hyde & Co., with Georg the sole owner.
Alaunstraße 91 / I in Dresden-Neustadt.
  • 1886 – August Albin Schultze is listed as partner
  • 1926 – August Albin Shultze dies, Georg Heyde continues as sole proprietor.
  • 1928 – George Hyde dies, but the family and network of businesses continue
  • 1945 – The company's factory is almost completely destroyed by the wartime bombing of Dresden

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