WJ Bassett-Lowke figure (Heyde for Bassett-Lowke)

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WJ Bassett-Lowke figure (Heyde for Bassett-Lowke)

WJ Bassett-Lowke figure (Heyde for Bassett-Lowke).jpg Wenman Joseph Bassett-Lowke, in miniature (i)
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Arch Three , Area 30
Classic Locomotives (display)
Shelf 2

A painted cast lead figure of company founder W.J. Bassett-Lowke, scaled to gauge 0, made by Heyde for Bassett-Lowke.

The figure wears a dark suit and trilby, is carrying a brown briefcase in his right hand, and appears to be carrying perhaps a pair of gloves in his left. Unlike the other figures in the set (which are standing still), the figure of WJ is in mid-stride, perhaps off on his way to another business meeting.


This was part of a set of "personality" passenger figures released by Bassett-Lowke in around 1925 as accessories for their gauge 0 model railways.

The identity of this figure in the set was described rather wryly in the B-L catalogue, as "A Model Manufacturer".