Amy Johnson figure (Heyde for Bassett-Lowke)

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Amy Johnson figure (Heyde for Bassett-Lowke)

Amy Johnson cast lead figure (Heyde for Bassett-Lowke).jpg Amy Johnson, lead figure, Heyde for Bassett-Lowke (i)
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A painted cast lead figure of Amy Johnson (1903-1941), scaled to gauge 0, made by Heyde for Bassett-Lowke.

This was part of a set of "celebrated" passenger figures released by Bassett-Lowke in around 1925 as accessories for their gauge 0 model railways.

UK-Australia solo flight

Amy set off alone from Croydon on 5 May 1930, and landed in Darwin on 24 May, a flight distance of 11,000 miles. She was the first woman to fly alone to Australia, and came home to the UK to a hero’s welcome which culminated in her award of a C.B.E.