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ESSEM Series

1951 -     

Morestone's ESSEM Series of diecast cars predated Budgie Toys, and along with the aborted "Trucks of the World" series was one of the prime examples of Morestone's chaotic and disorganised approach to branding and marketing prior to the Budgie brand.

According to the Robert Newson book, Morestone's original US "Wells Fargo" coach was made by F.W. Birch, who closed down in around 1951, and the replacement product that Sam Morris was able to source was sold by Morris under the ESSEM Series brandname (S, M standing for "Sam Morris"). However, the ESSEM name was swiftly dropped, and we don't actually know of any models that ever used it, apart from that one stagecoach model.

Which would make it a "series" of one model.


  • "Kansas to Texas Stage Coach, Complete with Two Horses and Driver"

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