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Budgie Toys

1959 -     
1956: Morris & Stone trade advert

1956: Morris & Stone trade advert [image info]

The Budgie Toys brand appeared in 1959, applied by the distributors Morris and Stone (Morestone) to their own range of toys, which was produced for them by Modern Products. The sound of the name "Budgie Toys" resonated with the names of two existing ranges of diecast toys from other manufacturers, Dinky Toys and Corgi Toys, and while the name wasn't close enough to cause confusion, it was similar enough to be memorable.

The larger toy business S. Guiterman and Co. Ltd. took over the range in 1961, but around five years later Guiterman went bust, with a more limited part of the range then being distributed by souvenir specialists H. Seener Ltd.

Starcourt then took over production in around 1983.

After this point the mixture of companies, products, facilities and agreements gets rather confusing, but one notable company to eventually emerge from the mix was Oxford DieCast.

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