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Modern Products

Modern Products Ltd. were a company that made diecast toys, distributed by Morris and Stone.

After a while, Morris and Stone started manufacturing diecast toys themselves, as "Morestone", and their catalogues showed mixtures of "Morestone" and "Modern" products, side by side, with no obvious differentiating theme.

This slightly unsatisfactory situation, where the buying public were being presented with two different brands but unable to tell what the brands actually stood for, simpiflied somewhat when Morestone came up with the Budgie brand, which felt more like a consistent product range designed with consumers and retailers in mind, rather than an inventory system meant to help a distributor keep track of which factory a toy happened to be produced in.

Significant survivors

Three toys with "Modern Products" packaging and branding seem to have survived in significant numbers: A covered wagon with horses, a Daimler ambulance, and a black police car.

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