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Contemporary Brickplayer

1959 -     

Contemporary Brickplayer appeared in the late 1950s as a reboot of the Brickplayer construction sets, with the first advert for the product in Meccano Magazine appearing in October 1959.

Although the building process was pretty much the same, the sets were redesigned to make them more suitable for "modern" buildings, and the new range of twelve models in the manual had an emphasis on what we'd now consider to be typical 1960s modernist architecture, with older "upright", symmetrical-and-steep-roofed buildings of the older sets replaced with wide and low buildings with shallow and often asymmetrically-shaped-and-sloped roofing.

Where Brickplayer had started out with Sets 1 and 2, which were then revised and rereleased as sets 3 and 4 to try to avoid confusion, the Contemporary Brickplayer sets were designated A, B and C.

1959 advertising text

"NOW build modern style with real bricks and mortar"

Exciting Contemporary Brickplayer enables you to build modern!. It's the famous Brick and Mortar Building Kit brought bang right up to date. New models are architect-designed to '0' gauge scale. Kits include bricks in all required shapes, mortar, roofing, windows, doors; plans and instruction booklet.

Models can be permanent or dismantled by merely soaking in water and bricks used again and again.

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