Riverside Bungalow, Contemporary Brickplayer Model No3 (Spears Games)

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Riverside Bungalow, Contemporary Brickplayer Model No3 (Spears Games)

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Arch Two , Area 26
Building Sets 1 (display)
Shelf 3

A built Contemporary Brickplayer Model No.3, Riverside Bungalow, by Spears Games.


The model bungalow has been built on a sheet of fibreboard on which the actual-size blueprint has been pasted, which was one of the recommended ways of building the models.

The building is a very modern single-storey dwelliNg with a single sloping roof which is fairly low at the back of the building and quite high at the front, which presumably is meant to face the river and give good views of the scenery on that side. A recess on the front wall creates a sheltered area where the bungalow's inhabitants couLd sit or stand and watch the river go by, while sheltered from the elements on three sides.

This sheltered area corresponds to where the blueprint places the model's name and details, so the overall effect is to turn the model into a nice professionally-labelled display model.