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1970 -     

Mettoy's programmable Computacar (~1970-) was the UK version of Hasbro's Amaze-a-Matic range (~1969-).

The Computacar concept

Powered by two AA-sized batteries, the underside of the Computacar was designed to accept a robust "programming" card, which was slowly drawn through guides on the base by the car's motor, and which was pushed against by control levers.

One edge of the card controlled a steering lever that caused the car to steer left, right, or forwards: the other edge of the card controlled whether the car ran forwards, backwards or paused in neutral. With suitably cut cards, the car could be made to perform a series of pre-set actions, such as nagivating an obstacle course (a set of six orange-and-white striped traffic cones being supplied for the car to drive between).

The car was supplied with four precut cards that showed how the car operated, and came with a further thirteen cards for the Owner to experiment with.

UK Range: Mettoy Computacar

The box of the UK M3001 model that we've see lists just two models with a shared box design, with a space to mark which version was in the box:

  • M3001 Authentic white FORD GT 40 – with racing stripes, numbers, exhaust trim, wing mirrors, moulded tyres and plated wheel discs
  • M3002 Futuristic red CHEVROLET ASTROVETTE sports coupe with racing stripes, number, motifs, moulded tyres, and plated wheel discs.

US Range: Hasbro Amaze-A-Matic

  • 5830 Dune Buggy
  • 5832 VW Bug
  • 5850 Chevrolet Astrovette
  • 5855 Buick Century Cruiser
  • 5860 Chrysler Charger III
  • 5865 Mark IV Ford
  • 5845 Chassis only

Some extra bodies were also available

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