Chevrolet Astrovette Computacar, boxed (Mettoy M3002)

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A complete boxed Computacar set M3002 sold in the UK by Mettoy, compete with traffic cones, booklet and cards.

The set features a red plastic 1968 Corvette-based Chevrolet Astrovette concept car, with central yellow racing stripe.

The Astrovette

The Astrovette was a 1968 experimental concept car and show car designed based on the '68 Corvette, and intended to push Corvette streamlining to the maximum.


  • The real Astrovette was open-top: the Hasbro/Mettoy model has the windshild extended to form a roof.
  • The single Astrovette built was originally finished in pearlescent white (later changed to orange). The Mettoy model is red, probably because there were only two cars in the Mettoy Computacar range, the other being a white Ford GT40, and Mettoy would probably have wanted customers to have more choice than they'd have had if both cars were white.

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