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As well as producing painted cast lead zoo animals for the Britains Zoo range, Britains Limited also produced a set of zoo buildings and accessories such as railings, that could be used to create a complete zoo layout.

For owners who didn't want to create their own scenery, the Britains Zoo buildings and enclosures were built on a set of modular baseboards, which allowed them to be rearranged and reconfigured in different ways. Although the idea seems similar to Meccano Ltd.'s short-lived Hornby Countryside sets, which had a range of modular baseboards in different common sizes for use with model railway layouts, Britains had been selling similar systems before Meccano Ltd, in the form of their WW1 trench sets, a series of trench dioramas in standard sizes, with walls and paths terminating in standardised positions, so that they could be assembled in multiple ways.

Baseboard-mounted enclosures (catalogue text)

Mammal House, No.18z

Mammal House, with Rhinoceros, Eland Bull, and two Zebras. This animal house has three compartments, with gates to open and sliding doors at back.
Measures 15" × 7 1/2"

Polar Bear Pool, No.19z

Polar Bear Pool, with Cave (as illustrated). Complete with Polar Bears (Sitting, Standing and Walking).
Measures 15" × 7 1/2"

Large Pool, No.20z

Large Pool Enclosure, with rock formation sides, complete with Penguins, Tortoise, Walrus, and Sea Lions.
The whole forms a very attractive piece.
Measures 15" × 7 1/2"

Monkey Hill, No.21z

Monkey Hill. A natural layout with a nice variety of monkeys including Chimpanzees and a Gorilla.
Measures 15" × 7 1/2"

Animal Houses No.22z

Animal houses, with enclosure, supplied assorted with different animals, as follows:–
  • Wart Hogs (2 per enclosure)
  • Malay Tapirs (2 per enclosure)
  • Wild Boars (2 per enclosure)
Measures 7 1/2" × 3 3/4"

Rock Pool, with trees surround, No.23z

Rock Pool, with trees surround, and Pelicans, Storks and Flamingoes.
A very colourful and novel layout.
Measures 15" × 7 1/2"