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Bedford Vehicles, formed in 1930, manufactured commercial vehicles under Vauxhall, who in turn operated as the British arm of General Motors since 1925. The Bedford division was especially known for their trucks.

The popularity of their vehicles has been attributed to their advanced inline six cylinder engine, the Chevrolet Inline Six. Used in the majority of Vauxhall and Bedford vehicles until 1954, variations of the engine were still produced in North America until 1990.

In the 1980s, the company suffered a severe contraction in demand after losing Ministry of Defence contracts to British Leyland. The loss of the military contracts coincided with decreased market demand for their heavy vehicles, so they pulled out of heavy commercial vehicle production, and by 1986 what remained of the company had been rolled into an Isuzu venture. The Bedford name didn’t return even when General Motors later reclaimed the company.

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