Bedford End Tipper (Dinky Toys 25m)

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Dinky Toy

Bedford End Tipper (Dinky Toys 25m)

File:Dinky 25m Bedford End Tipper (MM 1951-05).jpg Dinky 25m, Bedford Tipper (i)
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Model 25m
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Arch Two , Area 21
Classic Dinky Toys (John Durrant Collection)
Shelf 3

1954 - 1963

A green Bedford End Tipper with black radiator, silver headlamps and green wheel hubs. As the name suggests, the bed can tilt upwards to mimic tipping vehicles.

Models with this single unified colour scheme were produced from 1948-54. After the renumbering to 410, these models were replaced with editions featuring differently coloured cabs and beds from 1954-63.

Luton-based Bedford Vehicles produced tipping trucks of this style after the war. Like anybody operating the Dinky model, owners of the 2-3 tonne versions had to operate the tipping mechanism by hand. Owners of the 3-4 and 5 tonne versions had a hydraulic system to do the work for them. The model is a good replication of the vehicle, although with its compact, rounded design, the tipper would probably have always suited a Dinky model.

Catalogue illustration

File:Dinky Toys 410 - Bedford End Tipper.jpg
Dinky Toys No.410 (25m), Bedford End Tipper, ~1956 image

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