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Airfix Museum Models

The Airfix Museum Models range was a small range of display models, larger than the usual Airfix kits, with highly visible working mechanisms suitable for fitting with an electric motor and use for education.


At least two of the range have recently been repackaged and reissued – however, references to motorisation have been removed. We don't know whether this is because the moulds may have become more worn, whether the current plastics might not be as suitable for mechanical wear, or just because the company might not be in a position to offer the level of technical support for this sort of thing that would be expected from a model sold as "motorisable".

Either way, if you're buying a "reissue" kit, bear in mind that it's not guaranteed to be suitable for motorisation.


1. Beam Engine
"This was the first type of engine made to produce rotary motion, using steam power. The Airfix model incorporates moving wheel to activate sliding valve and beam."
2. 1804 Steam Locomotive
"Invented by Richard Trevithick and the first steam locomotive to run on rails. In this model, all parts are moving and wheels are connected to exactly reproduce the action!"
3. Paddle Steamer Engine 1827
"This giant 19th century machine comes to life with Airfix! Big Wheel rotates, activating cam shaft and both pistons."
4. Four-Stroke Engine

'?. Mill Engine

Airfix also at one point produced an educational model of a jet engine with a rotating core and a transparent shroud to show its internal workings.

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