Castor traction engine, quarter-scale (P. Hains)

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Castor traction engine, quarter-scale (P. Hains)

Castor quarter-scale traction engine nameplate.jpg Nameplate and plaque:"Castor", "Orcheston Autumn Fayre, Saturday 6th September 1980" (i)
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Arch One , Area 76
Arch One, Misc.

The "Castor" quarter-scale traction engine lives in the Museum's lobby. It is a Fowler R3 "Little Lion" type locomotive, built in 1980 by P. Hains of Watford, and took about two years to complete. It was purchased by its present owner in 1987, and has been rallied in Britain, France, Holland and Belgium.

1:4 scale traction engine, P. Hains


  • Coal-fired
  • B.P. 120lb/
  • Max road speed 11 mph
  • Can pull its own weight, and 10-12 people.