Bridge Building construction set

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Bridge Building construction set

BTMM map 072.gif

Arch Two , Area 72
Arch Two, Overhead

32cm(l) × 55cm(w) × 7cm(h)

A boxed "Bridge Building" wooden construction set, probably from the early 1900s.

The phrase "the British Isles" suggests that the set's printing (and presumably the set itself) may have originated in Ireland.

The set has a dark grey or black box with a dark-edged white interior divided into seven sections holding the wooden pieces.

Outer lid label

The large lid label is lettered "BRIDGE BUILDING" / "WITH COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS" / "LITHOGRAPHED IN THE BRITISH ISLES", and shows a boy in the foreground with his back to the viewer building a model of Tower Bridge, while in the background there are views of Clifton Suspension Bridge, Forth Bridge, Tower Bridge, and a smaller slightly arced bridge.

Inner Lid Label

inside the box lid there is a second label, printed in black on white, with the basic description of how to build the bridge, and mentions of three other products, Motor Maker, Motor Fire Escape, and The Young Engine Builder ("Printed in the British Isles").