Breakdown Crane (Hornby Dublo 4620)

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Breakdown Crane (Hornby Dublo 4620)

Breakdown Crane No133, Hornby-Dublo 4620 (DubloCat 1963).jpg (i)
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Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
Shelf 9

A bright red high-visibility Breakdown Crane Set, Hornby Dublo 4620.

The crane comes as four pieces of rolling-stock - the crane, two trucks that each hold a pair of black stabilisers that can be taken off and fitted to the side of the crane, and a fourth wagon that serves to steady the end of the crane while it's in transit.

A train set based on the piece (and also including a dedicated packing wagon for equipment and a passenger coach for the crew) was launched with a full-page colour advert in the April 1962 issue of Meccano Magazine.

Promotional images

Hornby Dublo 4620 Breakdown Crane, profile
Hornby Dublo 4620 Breakdown Crane, 1963 catalogue image

Promotional text

" The Hornby-Dublo Breakdown Crane is made up of exactly the same components as that seen on real railways. These are die cast with plenty of accurate detail, and the crane really works, so that its owner can use it for hoisting a load, can set the jib to any angle over a large range and can rotate the whole of the crane body.
The real crane can be steadied firmly for a heavy or difficult lift by means of screwjacks and representations of these are seen on the Hornby-Dublo example.
This handsome member of the Hornby-Dublo series is strikingly finished in B.R. red. "

Themed train set

The Breakdown Crane was such a "strong" item in the Dublo range that the company also brought out a two-rail train set based around it, set 2049, which also included a loco, wagon and coach.

Box-lid artwork for Hornby Dublo Set 2049, a two-rail train set based on the Breakdown Crane

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