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Steam boiler units made by Stuart Turner Ltd (Stuart Models).

Stuart Turner Ltd. produce(d) a range of separate boilers for supplying pressurised steam to their engines.

Catalogue entries


The boilers can be built with simple hand tools. The copper drums are brazed and have circulating tubes and superheater. Seatings for all fittings are drilled and tapped.

Working pressure 60-lb. Includes Copper drum, cast iron front and back plates and asbestos lining, Water gauge, Safety valve and Steam valve.

No. 500
Drum 2½-inches × 8-inches for the S50, Beam Engine and Steam Hammer.
No. 501
Drum 2¾-inches × 8-inches for No. 10V and 10H engines.
No. 500
Drum 3½-inches × 10-inches for the Double 10 and engines up to 1-inch × 1-inch, it will steam No.9 just for demonstration purposes.

— , Stuart Turner Ltd., , Stuart Models catalogue, , 1965


Marine or Stationary

Height 3 12-ins., Length 6 12-ins., width 3 78

Weight with lamp: 26 ozs.

Designed for use with the "Meteor" engine; will steam for approximately 25 minutes with one supply of water and spirits

— , Stuart Turner Ltd., , Stuart Models catalogue, , 1965


The principle of the Centre-Flue Boiler is obviously ideal for model power boats. The Cross Tubes in the centre-flue ensure very rapid generation of steam. The blowlamp flame is enclosed and surrounded by the water space of the boiler, so that the inside of the boat hull is not subjected to extremely high temperature. It is only necessary to line the hull with sheet asbestos and to mount the boiler on chocks as shown in the illustration.

Petrol is used for the blowlamp – this fuel gives an intense clean flame.

The power plant as shown is fitted with hand lever pump for filling the boiler while under steam pressure.

The separate boiler is supplied complete with check valve, to which connections from the pump may be attached. The pump reccommeded for this purpose is our No. 145/1.

No. 1 Boiler
Length 6½", diameter 3½", Height over Funnel 5½", Diameter of funnel, 1½", Number of cross tubes 7.
No.2 Boiler
Length 7¾", diameter 4½", Height over Funnel 9", Diameter of funnel, 1¾", Number of cross tubes 8.

— , Stuart Turner Ltd., , Stuart Models catalogue, , 1965