Bing Table Railway train set, electric (Bing 11-750-2)

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Bing Table Railway train set, electric (Bing 11-750-2)

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Arch Three , Area 48
Bing Table Railway (display)
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A boxed 1920s very early 00-gauge Bing Table Railway electric train set No.2 (11/750/2).

This was part of the Bing Table Railway range produced by Bing, designed by Oswald Fischer of Bing in conjunction with Henry Greenly of Bassett-Lowke Ltd.


It was one of four Bing "miniature" sets, listed as 1-4 in the English catalogue, and 11/750/1 to 11/750/4 in the German 1927 catalogue. This was the only one of the four sets to be illustrated in our archive copy of the English catalogue, so perhaps Bing considered it to be the most likely best-seller of the four sets.


The set includes a green "GREAT WESTERN" 2-4-0 tank locomotive, a station, track, a speed controller, signals and a crossover, and is displayed in its opened box, with the lid artwork visible alongside.


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