Bayko Building Outfit 13 (Meccano Ltd)

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Bayko Building Outfit 13 (Meccano Ltd)

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Arch Two , Area 26
Building Sets 1 (display)
Shelf 2

A "Meccano Ltd"-era Bayko Building Outfit 13, produced by Meccnao Ltd in the brief years between taking over Bayko in 1960, and the product's termination in ~1965.

The set features the new redesigned "Meccano Ltd" Bayko pieces, in modern plastic rather than Bakelite, and with more brightly coloured yellow windows (as opposed to green).


The "13" means that it's the third Bayko set in the revised (not the thirteenth!), as Meccano Ltd chose to put a "one" on the front of their Bayko set numbers to differentiate them from the earlier "Plimpton Engineering"-produced sets. Some commentators have also pointed out that since Meccano set numbers went up to ten, that this renumbering (starting at "11") integrated the Bayko and Meccano set numberings. However, Bayko and Meccano were not obvious stablemates (as opposed to, say, Hornby Trains and Bayko, or Dinky Toys and Bayko), and if this did signify an attempt by somebody at Binns Road to unify the ranges, then it doesn't seem to be reflected in the company's advertising.