Ambulance 75M (Triang Minic)

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Ambulance 75M (Triang Minic)

Ambulance, Triang Minic (MinicCat 1950).jpg (i)
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Arch Three , Area 66
1930s Layout, central section, rear

A clockwork toy ambulance with a white body, curved roof, black wheels, and flat slanted front with overlaid silver tinplate radiator with headlights. It has three windows on each side, with a large red circle bearing a white cross under each middle window.

The piece was made by Triang as part of the Minic vehicles range, catalogue number 75M.


You’re really missing something if you haven’t got a Minic ambulance in your scale model collection. It’s a modern streamlined ambulance, sparkling white with red markings. The back doors open to reveal a removable stretcher and two bunks. Five inches long, with a long-running clockwork engine and silent rubber tyres – this is a fine model to stand out among your cars.

— , Hamleys, , Meccano Magazine, , October 1950