Meccano Motor Car Constructor Outfit No2

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A boxed Meccano Motor Car Constructor outfit No.2 allowed owners to build more impressive clockwork motorcars than they could with the No.1 set.

No.1 vs No.2

The "Number Two" cars were larger and much grander-looking and more imposing than their No.1 counterparts, and could also be fitted with electric lighting.

However, the upscaling meant that the two sets of components were incompatible. This was not a huge issue, given that the cars built with the two sets were self-contained, that owners were unlikely to want to try to build six-wheeler cars.

Motor Car Lighting Set

" This Lighting Set enables the headlamps of Motor Car models built with the No.2 Motor Car Outfit to be electrically lighted. Price 2/6
The Set contains everything necessary for electric lighting, with the exception of the dry battery. This should be of the 3-volt type, size 1 1/2 in. × 2 1/2 in. × 3/4 in., and can be obtained from any dealer in electrical supplies. "