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The Young & Fogg Rubber Co. Ltd. manufactured balloons and other rubber novelties and toys, and became part of Tri-ang in around 1958/59.

Their products for Tri-Ang included the Cotswold Village series of hollow rubber trackside buildings, rubber trabside embankments, and a representation of the Dover seafront as a shop display for the Minic Ships range.

1955 "Gartex" advertising

It is super-quality, the "Gartex" range! The bright, floating balloons, the toys, dolls, and ingenious novelties are in delightful designs, made from the finest quality, long-lasting rubber. Their gay colours are protected by a finish that is fast and hygienic, makign them the most acceptable of toys.


  • Young & Fogg Rubber Co. Ltd., Wimbledon, London SW19


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