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One of the more unexpected parts of the Trix story is the company's production of a small range of card model kits "PRECISION ENGINEERING - IN CARD", some time between ~1967 and 1973, while the business was using the brandname TrixTrains, with main production at Wrexham, under Thernglade Ltd.

These card kits were quite nicely produced, with embossing to emphasise the printed coach side detailing. At some point, the company seems to have decided to leave the cutting-out to the customer – one example that we have has an instruction sheet that originally carried the text "PRE-CUT * PRE-CREASED", which has then been blocked out with a blank white paper sticker.

LNER teak Gresley coaches, Trix card models C1 to C3

Listing (likely incomplete)

Trix Trains

  • 00-1 – Station Building
  • 00-2 – Station Platform
  • 00-3 – Signal Box and Huts
  • 00-4 – Goods Shed
  • 00-5 – Engine Shed
  • 00-6 – Platform Shelters
  • C1 – LNER Gresley Coach All 1st
  • C2 – LNER Gresley Coach Brake 3rd
  • C3 – LNER Gresley Coach 1st/3rd Composite

Trix 1800 Series

  • SC1 – Preston Tramcar
  • SC2 – Mallard
  • SC3 – Flying Scotsman
  • SC4 – American Wood Burning Engine
  • SC5 – Traction Engine
  • SC6 – Royal Scot Locomotive
  • SC7 – GWR Pannier Tank Locomotive

Minitrix N Gauge Trackside Models

  • N1 – Station Building
  • N2 – Station Platform
  • N3 – Signal Box and Footbridge
  • N4 – Goods Shed
  • N5 – Engine Shed
  • N6 – Terminus Building

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