White Knight, Through the Looking-Glass (fretwork figure)

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White Knight, Through the Looking-Glass (fretwork figure)

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Arch Two , Area 58
Wooden Cutout Figures (display)

Puppet Corner

A jointed wooden figure of "The White Knight", from "Through the Looking-Glass" (the sequel to Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland")


The figure was created in Lord Robert's Workshops and is jointed to have moving arms and legs for the knight himself, and moving legs for his horse.

About the character

Some interpretations of "Through The Looking-Glass" see the White Knight as being Carroll's depiction of himself, an intelligent man who has lots of ideas ... most of them being ineffective and useless. The fact that the Knight cannot follow Alice where she is going also supposedly reflects Carroll's feelings that as Alice Liddel grew up, she was leaving him behind by outgrowing him, leaving him with just memories of his friend.