Voltage reducer (Bing Table Railway)

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Voltage reducer (Bing Table Railway)

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Arch Three , Area 48
Bing Table Railway (display)
Shelf 1

A silver-coloured voltage reducer made by Bing, for their Bing Table Railway system.


The unit is a fat silver-painted metal cylinder with wide rounded lengthwise slots, and a white bayonet fitting at one end for connecting to a light socket, and a glossy black moulded plastic (Bakelite?) protrusion at the other, with two screw fittings.

Visible though the wide slots is an arrangement of coiled resistance wire that almost looks like a heating element. The silver casing keeps the high-voltage (and possibly hot) interior away from human flesh, with the large slots allowing air circulation to carry away waste heat.

Overall, the unit look like a scary piece of electrical equipment from a 1920s/1930s "Frankenstein" film.