Vauclain Compound locomotive (Georges Carette)

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Vauclain Compound locomotive (Georges Carette)

Vauclain locomotive 2350, steam-powered (Georges Carette).jpg (i)
BTMM map 030.gif
Arch Three , Area 30
Classic Locomotives (display)
Shelf 4

A black and gold 4-4-0 Vauclain Compound locomotive in gauge 1, running number "2350", made by Georges Carette in around 1912. It's on the second-from-top shelf of the Classic Locomotives display in Arch Three.

1911 catalogue image of a version of the loco. It appeared in the catalogue in different versions – this image is for the steam version.

The original locomotive

Samuel M. Vauclain (1856-1940) patented his improved compound valve system in 1889, which tried to make more efficient use of the steam pressure with more complex valving.

Since different parts of the "compound" mechanics were working at different pressures, some of the parts could have had a tendency to wear unevenly, and the idea was effectively made redundant by the use of "superheaters" in later locomotives. Superheaters created an additional expansion in the steam by using a "second pass" that heated it a second time before it reached the pistons, producing an extra power boost without needing more complex valve gear.

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