VW Delivery Van (Dublo Dinky Toys 071)

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VW Delivery Van (Dublo Dinky Toys 071)

VW Delivery Van, Dublo Dinky Toys 071 (MM 1960-03).jpg March 1960 advert for Dublo Dinky Toys 071, VW Delivery Van (i)
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A yellow 1:76-scale split-windscreen Volkswagen Delivery Van, Dublo Dinky Toys 071, based on the classic VW Type 2 (T1) bodyshape, with "HORNBY DUBLO" lettered on the side in red. The van was introduced circa ~1960.

Although Meccano Ltd had a history of producing models of commercial vehicles with their own brandnames on the side (such as the Hornby Series "Meccano" coal wagon), the VW Delivery Van appears to have been the only model in the company's catalogues that featured the "Hornby Dublo" brandname.

Dublo Dinky Toys 071, VW Delivery Van

1960 advertising text

" This excellent little model brings the total of Dublo Dinky Toys up to eleven – quite a useful number to provide realism and action that mean so much to the successful running of an '00' gauge model railway.
No. 071 Volkswagen Delivery Van is finished in yellow with lettering in red on both sides. It is fitted with moulded, one-piece non-scratch wheels. Length 2 1/8 in. U.K. Price 2/- (inc tax) "

The Volkswagen Type 2

The Volkswagen Type Two was the classic VW "campervan" shape introduced in 1950 as the company's second major design (with the Volkswagen Beetle being "Type 1").

The Type 2 design was initially split-window and very heavily rounded, and became slightly more "modern" and angular with successive revisions. However, the original first-generation (Type 2 (T1)) "blob" is arguably still the purest implementation of the Type 2 form.

"Type Twos" were turned into campervans, schoolbuses, small flatbed lorries, food vending stations, and just about any other type of vehicle that customers could imagine, either by factory work, "hacking" or a combination of the two.

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