Tourer With Passengers (Tri-ang Minic 34M)

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Tourer With Passengers (Tri-ang Minic 34M)

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Arch Three , Area 01
1930s Model Railway Layout

The Tourer With Passengers was made by Tri-ang as part of the Minic vehicles range, model number 34M.

The Tourer has a green body and black running boards , the tourer vehicle contains lead figures on the wooden seats, and has a shell petrol can.

1937: catalogue image of the Tourer With Passengers


There are four passengers, two men, one woman and one child (female). On the front seats the driver looks like a black suited cab driver and next on his left hand side is a young girl wearing green and has brown hair, on the back seats the woman who is sitting on the left appears to have brown hair, a blue dress, white scarf and a what was a white hat, next to her on the right looks like a man wearing all dark blue and a dark blue fedora hat.