Thats Nice Maxie (Max Miller 1961)

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"THAT'S NICE, MAXIE!", a 3313 r.p.m. 12" vinyl record, of Max Miller recorded live at the Black Lion, Patcham (Brighton), first published in 1961 PYE NPL 18064 MONAURAL.


The front of the sleeve features Max Miller and a woman wearing a leopardprint dress, mounting the steps of the Black Lion, Patcham, about to enter. Miller is turning and smiling, and pointing to a sign on the door that says "BED & BREAKFAST / WITH PLEASURE".

The back cover recounts Miller's career and the story behind the making of the recording.

MAX MILLER went into semi-retirement when he was at the height of his career. At that time, as a comedian, he was being paid something like £1,500 a week at the London Palladium – "I always said I'd finish on top" says Max, and he did!


Max Miller owns a beautiful home in Brighton, runs a 54 ft. motor cruiser – which can usually be found moored on the upper reaches of the Thames – and works only when he feels like it.


"Sure I'll make a recording", he said "but bring the equipment down to Brighton. There's a nice little pub we can use – and why not music hall started in the pubs and so did I – so let's do that!"


Side One

  • Josephine
  • Twin Sisters

Side Two

  • On the Banks of the Nile
  • Hiking