Tank Locomotive 2-6-4 BR 80054 (Hornby Dublo EDL18)

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Tank Locomotive 2-6-4 BR 80054 (Hornby Dublo EDL18)

Tank Locomotive 2-6-4 BR 80054,Hornby Dublo EDL18 (~1956 catalogue).jpg Dublo EDL18 Tank Locomotive 80054, from a catalogue circa 1956 (i)
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Arch Four , Area 37
Hornby Wall (display)
Shelf 7

A black three-rail Hornby Dublo 00-gauge model of a 2-6-4T BR Standard Class 4 Tank locomotive, running number 80054, made by Hornby.

BR's "Standard Class" steam locomotives were produced in the 1950's, and combined design features from the various companies that had been amalgamated to form BR.

Catalogue images

A later two-rail version of the same Hornby Dublo model, but with a different BR decal and running number 80033 (1959). After a reorganisation, the loco now had catalogue numbers of 3218 and 2218 for the three-rail and two-rail versions
1963 catalogue illustration, two-rail version

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