Stedman goods wagon (Stedman)

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Stedman goods wagon (Stedman)

RF Stedman wagon (Steadman).jpg R.F. Stedman & Co. Ltd. goods wagon (Stedman) (i)
BTMM map 039.gif
Arch Four , Area 39
End Cabinet (display)
Shelf 7

A green gauge 0 open-topped high-sided goods wagon with "whitewall" wheels, proudly emblazoned with "R.F. Stedman & Co. Ltd." in large red-shadowed gold letters, diagonally across the side of the wagon, with "MODEL RAILWAY ENGINEERS" in smaller letters top-left, and "HUNSLET, LEEDS" bottom right.

The green solebar also has a small black rounded block with "R.F. / Stedman / & Co. Ltd." in tiny pale letters.

R.F Stedman goods wagon

R.F Stedman

Rex Stedman founded the Leeds Model Company (LMC) in 1912, and then started another company under his own name.