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Rosebud Dolls

1947 -     
1955: "See the new Rosebud range and you'll see why" / "She'd love a Rosebud Doll"

1955: "See the new Rosebud range and you'll see why" / "She'd love a Rosebud Doll" [image info]

1955: Rosebud Dolls

1955: Rosebud Dolls [image info]

Rosebud was the brandname of Nene Plastics, who started making composition dolls in around 1947 with "Rosebud" stamped into the back to avoid the trap of anonymity that had prevented so many other doll companies from being better known. A Rosebud Doll was emphatically a Rosebud Doll, and the company's obvious confidence in their product made it easier to sell the dolls to retailers and to parents.

Nene was run by Eric Smith, who'd taken control of the family company in 1934. With the opening of a new factory in 1960 in Wellingborough, Northants, doll production took off, and the company was bought out in 1967 by Mattel, who continued to make the dolls with "Rosebud, Mattel" branding.

1954 advertising text:

She'd love a Rosebud doll

Walking dolls, talking dolls, dolls with hair that can be combed and curled, dolls with eyes that open and shut, baby dolls and bigger dolls – you'll find them all in the delightful Rosebud range. Realistically modelled in strong, lightweight plastic, these loveable, likelike dolls are all that good dolls should be. At stores and toyshops everywhere. See them now – and take her with you.

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