Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland (fretwork figure)

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Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland (fretwork figure)

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Arch Two , Area 58
Wooden Cutout Figures (display)

Puppet Corner

A jointed wooden figure of The Queen of Hearts from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", by Lewis Carroll


The figure was created in Lord Robert's Workshops, and is jointed to have moving arms and legs.

About the character

Despite her portrayal in derivative works as a villain, in the actual book the Queen of Hearts is seen far more as just another part of Wonderland rather than an actual threat to Alice. While her soldiers humour her, they don't follow her orders so closely, her husband does his best to pardon everyone she sentences to death, and at one point the Gryphon confides to Alice that she never actually gets around to executing anyone.

Carroll himself describes her as a "blind fury" who attempted to be apply decapitation as the solution to any and all problems.