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Pumps made by Stuart Turner Ltd (Stuart Models).

Catalogue entries



A Compressor (or vacuum pump) is a very useful type of model for the amateur to build.

The Compressor has the same general dimensions as the "SIRIUS" engine and is of equally sturdy construction. Air enters the cylinders through ports in the cylinder walls and is discharged through spring controlled valves in the cylinder head. The lubrication is by splash, a dipstick being provided to show oil level.

In a compressor, it is essential to keep the air as clean and free from oil as possible, therefore there are four rings on each piston, the ring at the bottom of the skirt is a scraper. For the very best results, cylinders are honed and pistons lapped.

Noise made by even the lightest disc valves can be surprisingly penetrating. We have recently been able to lessen this noise quite considerably by modifying the shape to provide line contact. The noise is now not at all obtrusive.

The machine can be used either as a compressor or a vacuum pump.

Stuart Vacuum Pumps are extensively used in hospitals and research laboratories.
Castings and Parts
£4 17s. 6d.
The Finished Compressor or Vacuum Pump
£15 5s. 0d.

— , Stuart Turner Ltd., , Stuart Models catalogue, , 1965


Two sizes:– No.1 with 2-inch rotor, and No.2 with 2½-inch rotor. They are designed for direct coupling.

For pumping a large volume to a moderate height the Centrifugal Pump is unrivalled. It is not capable of a great suction lift, for this and for high heads a Stuart Piston Pump should be chosen.

Pumps are often required to run for long periods without stopping; in such cases Stuart Pumps give wonderful service.

There are no valves and nothing to get out of order. The construction is a simple straightforward lathe job and a most pleasurable one.

A centrifugal pump has certain characteristics. It is best at, or below water level so that the suction is flooded. It may, however, be up to 6-inches above water level provided the suction and delivery pipes are arranged as in the diagram. ...

This arrangement retains water in the pump and it is only necessary to prime through the delivery connection once on first installing the pump. On switching on the current there will be a few seconds before water flows.

Diameter of casing
No. 1 – 2½-inches
No. 2 – 3-inches
Operating speed
No. 1 – 3600-4200 r.p.m.
No. 2 – 3200-4200 r.p.m.

— , Stuart Turner Ltd., , Stuart Models catalogue, , 1965


A most Effective and Reliable Working Model

The Pump is constructed entirely of gunmetal and stainless steel and may be set to work at any reasonable speed down to 10 strokes a minute. The stroke may be shortened by bringing the two set-collars closer together. The main piston valve is moved by an auxiliary "shuttle" piston valve, operated by the arm attached to the piston rod. The suction pipe is ¼-inch and the delivery pipe 316 inch diameter, the team pipe being 532-inch diam.

A most interesting Model to build, requiring good workmanship. The only machining which a first-class mechanic may find difficult is the machining of the pump bore and cylinder flange; this we can do for 25/-.

— , Stuart Turner Ltd., , Stuart Models catalogue, , 1965



This is a range of pumps (Castings 'NOT supplied) for those who wish to purchase the finished article. They may be relied upon for the most arduous duty and give no trouble provided the liquid is reasonably clean.

They are used for a wonderful variety of duties. For instance: garden fountains and waterfalls, fish ponds, brine circulation in refrigerators, milk cooling, bilge pumps, water supply on yachts, cellar drainage and advertising – such as providing a constant flow of milk from a bottle.

No. 10
Similar to the No.1 centrifugal pump.
No. 12
Similar to the No.2 centrifugal pump.

Both have centre height 1½-inches, and are supplied with Vee pulley (default) or rubber coupling for default drive.

The No.10 coupled to the smaller Stuart engines make most attractive plants. The No.12 is suitable for the "Sirius".

We make larger sizes also.

— , Stuart Turner Ltd., , Stuart Models catalogue, , 1965


We make a range of self-contained electric pumps for those who wish to purchase a complete plant.

— , Stuart Turner Ltd., , Stuart Models catalogue, , 1965


Pump barrel and plunger are gunmetal.

No. 145/1
38-inch plunger, 58-inch stroke, lever, 4-inches long. Unions for 316-inch pipe.

— , Stuart Turner Ltd., , Stuart Models catalogue, , 1965


No. 145/3
½-inch bore, 1-inch stroke, 0.196 cu. in. displacement.

— , Stuart Turner Ltd., , Stuart Models catalogue, , February 1978