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A few pubs near the museum:

Grand Central

An imposing (and pretty) green-domed white corner building opposite the top of Trafalgar Street, the Grand Central was originally built as a hotel to service the new wave of visitors arriving in Brighton with the completion of Brighton Station and the London to Brighton Railway in 1841.

Use the Grand Central as a landmark to locate the tunnel entrance to Trafalgar Street.

The Prince Albert

The Prince Albert is another historic building dating from the earliest days of the railway, with "1860" on the front in large gold letters.

The pub was fairly famous for having a mural of John Peel on one side, and was graffiti'ed with Banksy's famous Kissing Policemen mural. The John Peel mural has now been replaced with a much larger famous mural by Sinna One and Req of deceased pop and rock music idols (plus John Peel and Oliver Reed).

The Lord Nelson

The Battle Of Trafalgar

A traditional pub further uphill of the Grand Central. Guildford Road looks like an extension of Trafalgar Street.

  • 34 Guildford Road Brighton, East Sussex BN1 3LW
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