Petrol Tanker "Mobilgas" (Dinky Toys 440)

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Petrol Tanker "Mobilgas" (Dinky Toys 440)

Tanker, Mobilgas, Dinky Toys 440 (DinkyCat 1956-06).jpg Dinky 440 Mobilgas Petrol tanker (i)
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Arch Two , Area 21
Classic Dinky Toys (John Durrant Collection)
Shelf 3
1954 - 1961

A red Studebaker Petrol Tanker with silver studs along the top of the tank. The red colour was associated with the Mobilgas brand on the model's previous incarnation as the 30p, but the renumbered 440 makes the connection obvious with the company name printed in bold white lettering on both sides of the tank. 1954-61.

Catalogue image

1957: Dinky Toys 440, Petrol Tanker "Mobilgas"