Petrol Station (Dinky Toys 48)

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Petrol Station (Dinky Toys 48)

Petrol Station, Dinky Toys 48 (1935 BoHTMP).jpg Dinky Toys 48: Petrol Station (i)
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Arch Two , Area 21
Classic Dinky Toys (John Durrant Collection)
Shelf 9

A yellow printed tinplate Petrol Station (Dinky Toys 48) with an orange forecourt and orange roof detail, and a large central orange and yellow sign reading "Filling and Service Station / PETROL - OIL - AIR - TYRES - SPARES".

The model was introduced in 1935.

Period advertising

Advertisements on the garage walls include "Karpol", "Shell Oil", "Lodge Plugs", "Essolube", and "Fit Dunlop and Be Satisfied".

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