Petrol Pylon, Heston Air Park (Skybirds)

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Petrol Pylon, Heston Air Park (Skybirds)

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Arch Two , Area 16
Aviation (display)
Shelf 2

A model of the tall pyramid-column-shaped painted metal Petrol Pylon at Heston Air Park, created as part of the 1930s Skybirds range.


The pylon has a 5cm square base, upon which is a 12cm tall four-sided pyramid-like structure, with a 4cm base, tapering to 1cm at the top.

The top ~4cm is painted red, and there are two red-painted (non-opening) metal access doors at ground level, on opposite sides. The rest of the pylon is black. On the other two sides there are white paper stickers, advertising "Sealed Shell" and "BP Plus".

Leading from the upper red section are four brown flexible model woven-cloth petrol-supply hoses ending in yellow-painted metal nozzles, which clip into holders soldered to the lower part of the pylon, two per side, beneath the stickers. The pipes and their metal ends look suspiciously as if they may be made out of (adapted) bootlaces.