Penguin (Britains Zoo 903)

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Penguin (Britains Zoo 903)

Penguin, Britains Zoo No903 (BritCat 1940).jpg Penguin, Spheniscidae (i)
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Arch Three , Area 44
The Zoo (display)

A painted hollowcast lead Penguin, from the Britains Zoo range, probably pre-war, catalogue number 903.

Giulia ...
" This penguin is standing on its orange legs showing its massive white chest. Its black wings are relaxed and they contrast with the white body. We can see from its orange beak that the penguin is relaxed because when it is open it means that it is scared or angry. There is a black strip that seems like an error of a painter but it's there to represent a particular type of penguin. "

1940 catalogue description

" These "Soldier Birds," as they are called, are found throughout the Southern Seas. They swarm in thousands on particular islands or shores, and are expert anglers and swimmers, moving more quickly in water than on land. There are about 17 varieties "