Pelican (Britains Zoo 909)

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Pelican (Britains Zoo 909)

Pelican, Britains Zoo No909 (BritCat 1940).jpg Pelican, Pelecanus onocrotalus (i)
BTMM map 044.gif

Arch Three , Area 44
The Zoo (display)

A painted hollowcast lead Pelican, from the Britains Zoo range, probably pre-war, catalogue number 909.

Giulia ...
" This is an angry pelican because it opens its orange beak wildly. It is white with the exception of its wings that are black.. "

1940 catalogue description

" There are several varieties of pelicans, all of which are confined to the warmer regions of the earth. They are beautiful birds with their black and white plumage. Their most remarkable feature is the lower beak which is of an elastic nature and will stretch to a large size in the form of a pouch. "
Britains Zoo 909, Pelican