Passenger coaches, 1st-3rd class NER 840 (Leeds)

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Passenger coaches, 1st-3rd class NER 840 (Leeds)

Leeds paper-detailed passenger coach 840.jpg NER 1st-3rd passenger carriage, 840 (Leeds), detail (i)
BTMM map 039.gif

Arch Four , Area 39
End Cabinet (display)

A set of three light brown North Eastern Railway passenger carriages with black roofs and undersides and "whitewall" wheels, First and Third class, number 840, made by the Leeds Model Company (LMC), with printed paper detailing.

The left-land side of the brown solebar also has the text "4 Leeds Link "B" " in ornate script, and the "LMC" oval logo in black with a pale enlarged shadow, and "29-5-1921" just right-of-centre.

Leeds Model Company (LMC) paper-sided passenger railway carriage NER 106, detail